Education is the prime engine of development. Christ College has played no small role in bringing change, deepening dialogue, and accelerating transformation through its high educational standards. It has an outstanding reputation as an Institution that provides students with a quality education and recognized academic standing within an engaging and caring environment.

Christ College is committed to excellence in teaching and research within an international context and provides the ideal place to take the next step on a path of life long learning.

Education at Christ College is about creating opportunities for your future. Students enjoy their time at CC, academically, spiritually, socially and physically. CC always pays attention to both quality teaching and to generating an enthusiasm for learning not

In addition to innovative programmes, we provide flexible degree structures that allow you to tailor your course to suit your specific needs. Importantly, we provide an education that encourages you to think independently and critically and that is designed to foster those qualities of imagination and independence of mind on which professional and personal development depend.

Christ College aims to be one of the leading research colleges in Africa. Our research work has national and international relevance which, in turn, informs and strengthens our teaching programmes, keeping our students at the leading edge of their discipline and aligned to current and future needs.

At CC we see each student’s time as more than just getting a degree. We emphasize the value of the whole college experience. Our College and staff are accessible, welcoming, conducive, and friendly. We have a global and international outlook and you will mix with people from more than 10 countries where equality for all is woven into the very fabric. CC students are also able to build a service element into their college experience by participating in one of the many public services we offer.

We will help prepare you for a fulfilling and exciting life as part of a local and global community and encourage you to think of your college days as an introduction to life long learning and the development of an inquiring mind. For these reasons CC is an institution of choice for our students, staff and faculty and we look forward to welcoming you aboard.

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Christ College | City Campus |Caspi House Block B, First Floor, Number 6 Harare St,Corner Harare St/Charter Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe | Tel: +263-4-744697 | Cell: (263) 773 108 994 / (263) 773 022 357/ (263) 733 811 294 | E-Mail: | Website: www.christcollege.ac.zw

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